Oversight and Discipline Are Keys To Producing Ultra-High Purity 55 & 30-Gallon Plastic Drums

Maumee, OH – U.S. COEXCELL has set the standard for producing bulk storage drums for the electronic chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries where ultra-high purity of its 55 gallon shipping and handling containers is of critical importance.   According to Mark Wotell, VP, Sales Director for U.S. COEXCELL, his company took the lead in producing bulk packaging for these...

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U.S. COEXCELL, strategically located in Maumee, OH, manufactures environmentally friendly, multi-layer, plastic drum packaging. The company integrates state-of-the-art quality and production standards in providing critical drum packaging solutions to satisfy the electrochemical, pharmaceutical and biomedical industries among many others. From ultra high purity drum packaging, to food grade & industrial multi-purpose drums, U.S. COEXCELL has become the drum packaging vendor of choice for customers requiring high quality and cost effectiveness from their packaging providers.